What Makes a Modern Marketing Leader?

There are numerous professions where the action doesn’t guarantee results and marketing is one of them. In this field, leaders need to have a particular set of skills and mindset in order to increase the chances of success.

That being said, Stopgap have listed several traits that they believe every modern marketing leader should possess.

A Strategic Mind

Planning is an essential part of any project and marketing is no exception. The quality of planning will determine both the execution and outcome. As a marketing leader, you might think that your planning days are over and it’s the role of another party. This might be true to some degree, in that you won’t actually write the plan, but it is still your role as a leader, to outline the overall goals. Not nailing down the purpose of the project will only take the team to a direction that you never intended, and it would not be their fault. Mapping out the marketing strategy ideally gives you a chance to assign roles to individuals with accordance to their strengths which is what ultimately being a leader is all about.


It’s virtually impossible to be an inspirational marketing leader if you lack the ability to challenge your team with imaginative ideas and creative thoughts. The marketing landscape is so saturated and different nowadays that it needs to be taken in a non-conventional manner for it to be effective. As such, you need to view things from a different perspective or at least have the ability to notice a creative idea when it comes your way. Some marketing leaders aren’t very imaginative, but they are skilled in inspiring their teams to brainstorm solutions.

The Ability to See Beyond Results

Marketing is as methodical as it is creative. In this digital age, data is everything. It allows you to see where your audience is located, what they prefer and how effective your marketing efforts are. Because of this, it’s pretty easy to forget the creative process and obsess over the results of a marketing project. The best marketing leaders should be able to see beyond the results and utilize the data as insight for upcoming projects. Allowing data to cloud the mind results in a poor interpretation of the results and hampers the ability to take positives from it. Disregarding the team’s previous input is only going to demotivate them, thus making it hard to meet the company’s marketing goals.

Knows When to Delegate

Even the autonomous leaders need to have the power to delegate. You just do not have adequate time to handle every task, but it ideally does mean you should trust everybody to do their roles as expected. Good marketing leadership is shown by being able to delegate roles, giving individuals the chance to shine and also letting the team know that they have your full support. This gives you more time to ascertain that everyone is in the right role and be able to bring in new faces in sections that seem to be lacking. After all, good marketing leaders are only as good as the individuals around them.

A Good Contact List

In order to be an excellent marketing leader in this day and age, you need to be more than just a person who can carry a team. When it comes to marketing, driving new opportunities, both from outside and inside the organization is just as essential. We live in a world whereby people just want to connect with those they deem influential and relevant in their niche. This is the primary reason why personal branding is so huge nowadays. Marketing leaders are expected to show their fellow marketers that they have what it takes to lead.

So there you have it, five important traits that every marketing leader in today’s landscape should possess. Some apply to leadership in other facets and that’s because the roles are similar in most industries when it comes to leading a team. Regardless, these traits ensure that you and your team achieve the best for your company.