Top 5 Ways to Create Awesome PR and Marketing Strategy for Instagram

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In the beginning, Instagram used to be a personal platform on social media. But with time, new features have evolved on Instagram. These features provide an apt platform for companies to organise PR and marketing strategies on it. 

PR and marketing strategies of B2B companies are based on storytelling pattern, and Instagram provides a perfect platform for that. Appropriate use of audio and visual content by the brands for their promotion gives a better opportunity for customers to know them better. In this article, the top 5 ways to create awesome PR and marketing strategies are as follows.

Use Power of Visual Content

Visual content imprints a human mind more than written content. Visuals are the main feature of Instagram. Brands can use visual content on Instagram to display their products and services in a more presentable and practical way. 

Brands can also use visual content to shape the desired image of their company and product in the customer’s mind. Those companies who cannot display their products and services through visual content can display their work culture, their customer stories, behind the scene shots and their company events. 

Know and Engage Your Audience

On Instagram, 90% of the audience falls into under 35 age category, and 10% audience is of above 35 age group. Out of this 90% under 35 age group, only 60% of people log in daily. Companies can use these kinds of statistical data to know their audience better. If a company know what kind of content is more popular among the target audience, it can help them attract more target audience.  

Never leave your audience unattended. Always reply to their comments as soon as possible. Interaction with your audience is the key to get and sustain loyal followers. Companies can hire digital media managers to maintain social networks for the company. Followers post positive and negative both types of comments. Best way to deal with negative comments is to ignore them initially, and if that does not work, a stern, bold yet polite answer is appropriate.

Enhance Company’s Instagram Profile

Profile on Instagram is short compared to the profile on other social media platforms. Instagram provides only 150 words in bio to describe yourself. Companies need to utilize these 150 words appropriately to present a clear picture of the company as a brand with goodwill. The message button is available on the Instagram profile, except that call and email button can also be used for the maintenance of better connection with followers.

Monitor Your Insights

Once your profile achieves a benchmark of 100 followers, insights are available for Instagram business profiles. Insights have three sections audience, activity, and content. 

Audience section gives you details about your followers like age, gender, city, country, and even geographic location. Activity section shows you interaction of the audience with your account and content section shows you about your latest posts and your current promotion activities. By regular check of insights, you can plan your strategies according to them.

Regular Posts and Stories

Regularly post status and stories about current activities of your company. It involves followers with your account and also represents processes of your company in front of the audience. It creates a sense of transparency between the brand and the followers. You can also buy Instagram followers. Because even if your content is good, but you do not have a considerable number of followers, nobody will take your content seriously. 

Above mentioned are top 5 practices which would surely help a company to design an awesome PR and marketing strategies. To buy Instagram, likes, and followers is also a kind of promotional strategy, famous nowadays. This practice is generally done to get an initial boost to the profile or the post.