Thinking about Upgrading Your Flight? Here Are 5 Great Reasons Why You Should

Are you thinking about upgrading your next long haul flight from London? The good news is when you upgrade your flight with Fly Club World from British Airways, you can elevate your holiday before you even reach the destination. Here are five things you can look forward to with a Club World upgrade:

1. Exquisite Cuisine

Aeroplane meals often conjure up lots of bad memories of inedible plates of food. Out of necessity, the galleries in aircraft aren’t typically conducive to the creation of gourmet dishes. Meals tend to be unappetising and bland. What’s more, our taste buds and nasal passages can be affected by high altitudes and the dry air inside pressurised cabins, which means food might not taste or smell as good. However, we can’t just blame bad passenger flight food on travelling 35,000 feet in the sky.

A Club World upgrade entitles you to a meticulously prepared three-course gourmet menu. All of the dishes are created from top-grade locally-sourced produce inspired by the seasons and every plate is elegantly presented to appeal to all your senses.

Furthermore, a range of dietary preferences and food intolerances are catered for including 100% vegan dishes and gluten-free options.

The way you receive your meal has also been revolutionised. You’ll enjoy the freedom to select from a range of starters, desserts, and cheese & biscuit plates. The china and glassware used have stylish, modern designs. The new menus and elegant new table settings are now available on all London Heathrow and London Gatwick routes.

2. Home Comforts in the Sky

The Club Kitchen from British Airways provides a space where passengers can help themselves to any food items that they fancy, including indulgent baked treats and a selection of healthy snacks. If you find yourself feeling hungry before mealtime, you can venture up to the gallery where you’ll find Cadbury’s chocolate bars, retro British sweets, Walkers Crisps, freshly prepared sandwiches, salads and fresh fruit.

A selection of teas, including tradition English Breast tea, Earl Grey tea, Twinnings infusions and green tea, is available alongside a range of new coffee blends from the Union Hand-Roasted Coffee company.

3. Sophisticated Booze

British Airways wine expert Robert Louis Stevenson describes wine as “bottled poetry”. He has curated an extensive wine list to perfectly complement the new menus or to be enjoyed alone. New World and Old World Wines feature on the list.

In addition to the lyrical wine list, you can choose from a range of premium mixers and branded spirits, including Ciroc vodka, Tanqueray gin, Glenlivet Master Distiller’s Reserve whiskey, Fever-Tree tonic water and much more. Champagnes, aperitifs and liqueurs are also available.

4. A Good Night’s Sleep

British Airways understand the importance of quality sleep and their Club Word cabins have been specifically designed to provide the best environment to achieve that at 35,000 feet. The spacious seats quickly convert into fully flat, luscious beds. In addition, you will find a set of bedding inside your station to ensure a comfortable sleep. In an effort to take note of the finer details, BA teamed up with The White Company, a luxury homeware brand – meaning that every passenger has access to a cosy duvet, quilted mattress topper, full-sized fluffy pillow, and a luxuriously soft blanket. All the linens are made from pure cotton with thread counts above 200 to ensure comfort, crispness and hypoallergenic properties.

5. A Relaxing, High-end Ambience

In Club World cabins, the lighting is kept dim to help promote relaxation and sleep. Furthermore, service is incredibly attentive without being invasive – on long haul night flights particularly, the cabin crew is trained to avoid disturbing passengers unless necessary. The cabin crew provides a nuanced service by obtaining individual preferences at the start of the flight.

If you decide not to sleep during your flight, you can enjoy a wide range of entertainment on your own personal flat screen with noise-cancelling headphones, live TV, on-demand films, games, audio books, and music. This is all part of the Going Luxury experience.