4 Essential Questions to Ask before Writing a CV

Your curriculum vitae acts as your professional identity card for employers. It is the guarantee of the seriousness and the credibility of your application so, it must make recruiters want to meet you for an interview. This means that you should not write it with your head down. Some important questions need to be answered to make sure that you will create an effective CV.

What Professional Objective Do You Aim for?

Before using a CV Creator, take time to assess your skills, experiences and abilities. As experts in recruitment say, it is important to know yourself well and define the conditions under which you want to work. Ask yourself what sector of activity and what type of business you are about to apply for before writing your resume. Those criteria will help you define your real professional objective.

Should You Mention All your Professional Experiences in your CV?

If you are a young graduate, highlight everything that shows your skills for the job. Most of the time, a student that has just finished college does not have a lot of experience under his belt. Hence, they should value everything they have done on their curriculum vitae. On the other hand, if you have worked for years, it is recommended to only put the most relevant experiences to the open position in your resume. In any case, it is crucial to elaborate a CV that takes up no more than a single page. Current recruiters do not have time for too long resumes.

How to Attract the Attention of the Recruiter with your CV?

A recruiter spends generally 5 seconds on a CV. That makes one further reason for getting straight to the point! Your CV is like a marketing document that must jump out at the recruiter. It has to be clear, clean, precise and well presented, and easy to read. The key word here is attractiveness. Do not hesitate to use a CV creator to find an original CV template that will not leave the headhunter indifferent. Be careful, an attractive CV is not an extravagant one.

Should You Put a Photo on your CV?

A photo is not a selection criterion but it depends on the situation. For a commercial position, it is good to put one. If requested in the ad, ban the poor quality photo that does not flatter you. Opt for a neutral and recent passport photo with you smiling and wearing a classic elegant outfit.